Sabtu, Januari 02, 2010


With the 2010 calendar opening on Friday, many would be scurrying to gaze at crystal balls and flip tarot cards with anxiety to check what is in store for the new year.

Well, let's hear from the Indian astrologers, who are busy predicting what the future holds. Tarot card readers, palmists, psychic readers and astrologers are burning the midnight oil to map out what 2010 will bring to individuals and the world at large.

But Indian experts don't sound sanguine this year. For instance, Kerala-based astrologer Dr Attukal Radhakrishnan predicts that until May, it would be a tough year in all aspects.

"It is not so good until May. There will be problems of employment, terrorism and health-related matters," he says, based on his astrological reading.

But Radhakrishnan, who has been in the astrology field for the past 30 years, concludes that the second half of the year would bring some positive changes.

Even the most established Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) prognosis is not so bullish on 2010. It predicts a bumpy year ahead as the planetary alignment, according to Hindu astrology, is not favourable this year.

"There will be some progress in 2010 but more trying times for the world because the year starts with a solar eclipse, which shall create some problems.

"Besides, the influence of the Saturn and Mars planets will have some impact and create challenges for the masses. There will be three more eclipses this year," ICAS president A.B. Shukla told Bernama.

The world would continue to witness more ethnic violence, militancy, tsunami and even political upheavals in some countries, he said, basing his predictions on the ancient Vedic astrology.

But astrologers share a similar view on agriculture and food production, which is a pressing problem for the world's six billion people.

"We can expect more rainfall in 2010 and food production will improve this year. This continent (Asia) is dominated by the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

"So, the Asian economy is likely to come up and the growth rate will be achieved above the expected targets," said Satish Sharma, ICAS chief executive officer.

But alas, none predicted the outcome of the World Cup Hockey tournament in Delhi in March nor the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games or the World Cup Football in South Africa later this year.

(Due to ethical reasons, the experts did not want to comment on these subjects.)